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Tall Ship Festival – Calling All Volunteers!

Calling All Volunteers! The Tall Ship’s are coming,  the Tall Ships are coming! August 20 – 24, 2014. Want to ‘Get Involved’? Well you can? Just go to and go to the ‘GET INVOLVED’ tab. What is the Tall Ship Festival? Well it’s… The Greatest Spectacle on the Pacific Tall Ships Festival LA 2014 […]

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2013 Prius C

The Word is Out! Greenest Cars for 2014

Have you heard about the Greenest Cars for 2014? Well if you’re trying to save the earth and save some money on gas, there’s quite a selection of earth friendly cars. The best new car for green drivers is the Nissan Leaf  and the best deal is the Toyota Prius C. Here’s the 2014 Green […]

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Shell FRN Progrma Logo

It’s Not a Secret, Get Your Rewards

It’s no secret, get rewarded with Fuel Rewards Network And it’s so easy for members to save on Shell gas. So what are you waiting for? Hurry, don’t miss out, the above bonus offers expire 8/3/2014 Limited Time Offers (Expires 9/30/14) Use your linked MasterCard and earn 20¢/gal for every $300 you spend on qualifying […]

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Backup Camera Display

Blind Zone vs Blind Spot

Blind Zone and Backup Cameras We’re all familiar with the term “blind spot”. Typically used to describe the area beside our vehicle when changing lanes and we can’t see the vehicle next to us. Then there’s the “blind zone“, the areas that cannot be be seen by a driver, when backing up or pulling forward […]

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Brake Service and Repair

Baby Needs New Shoes!

Does your baby need new shoes? We’re talking about the brake pads/shoes on your vehicle. We all need them, even our vehicles. Unlike us, our vehicles have 4 pair, 2 in the front and 2 in the rear. When was the last time they were checked out? If it’s been a while, it could be […]

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Summer Safety Tips

It’s Summer, Think Safety

It’s Summertime, time for fun, sun and a time to think safety! We all love to celebrate the Fourth of July, right? It’s a time to celebrate America with family, friends, food and last but not least, FIREWORKS! Maybe it’s a backyard barbecue or a trip to the beach. It should be a fun time, […]

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Steering and Suspension

Steering in the Right Direction

When you make a right turn, does it feel like your steering wheel is pulling to the left? It’s the job of your car’s suspension to maximize the friction between your tires and the road. This provides steering stability and good handling, to make sure your steering wheel isn’t pulling to the left when you […]

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