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Turkey Dinner

There’s Always Football

Thanksgiving, Football, Macy’s Parade and Pumpkin Pie. It’s that time of year when families gather to give thanks, get stuffed and watch football. Along with the traditional turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie, for some it just wouldn’t be the same without football. Oh and don’t forget about the Macy Thanksgiving Day Parade. If you plan […]

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Holiday Mall Parking Lot

The Hazards of Black Friday Driving

Shopping, driving and parking on ‘Black Friday’ can be hazardous! If your planning to head to the malls on ‘Black Friday’ watch out for the stampedes! Black Friday gets a lot of media attention now days. What happen to the holiday spirit? It seems to go out the window on the biggest shopping day of […]

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Safe Driving

Holiday Celebrations and Safe Driving

Celebrate the holidays and travel safe Hard to believe that the holidays are just around the corner. Holiday decorations and music at the mall, toy commercials on tv. People making plans to get together for the their traditional family gatherings. Is anyone talking or thinking about their vehicles? Probably not. Is your vehicle ready for […]

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Loaner Courtsey of Plaza

Have You Seen Them?

They are out there! Loaner Courtesy of Plaza Automotive. Are putting off your vehicle services? We know it’s difficult trying to schedule a good time to be without your vehicle. How will you get to work, how will the kids get to school or practice? Well, if you bring it to Plaza Automotive you don’t […]

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Kids, Candy and Halloween

Watch out for the kids! It’s that time of year, there will be pirates, princesses, witches and ghosts running around the streets and neighborhoods. This means more responsibility for you as a driver. Be sure you drive safely and more alert than usual. Check out these Halloween safety tips to help make it safe and […]

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Car Care Saving Tips

Save, Save, Save

We’re all looking for ways to save these days. Many drivers are looking for ways to save a few bucks! Maybe it’s as simple as shopping around comparing insurance plans. Or comparing gas prices, so you can pay less at the pump. Or maybe you’ve been putting off that purchase of a shiny new vehicle, […]

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Full Size Truck Tires

Keeping Your Tires Safe…

will help keep you safe. Tires are one of the most important parts of our cars, and often overlooked. Maybe because they are under the car? Stay safe, avoid accidents, and prevent breakdowns by following these simple San Pedro tire safety tips: 1. Pressure: Leading cause of tire failure…under inflation. Check your tire pressure once […]

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