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Prius Replacement Battery Service

Prius Replacement Battery Installed - $995.95*

Auto Repair

When you’re having car troubles, you want your repair shop to fix it correctly and quickly without breaking the bank. That’s what Plaza Automotive is all about!

Hybrid Repair

Having a car that takes you where you need to go without harming the environment is a special thing! Shouldn’t your auto repair shop to treat it as such? We think so!

Customer Care

At Plaza Automotive, your happiness is our top priority. Click here to see what  people are saying about us.

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We know how much of a pain it can be to have your car not working. Let us take care of it
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Vehicle maintenance is convenient at Plaza, we offer complimentary loaner cars, local shuttle service and after hours pickup & drop-off.


No one should ever have to wonder if they’re going to get the best service on their car. At Plaza, we think that should be a given!


Your safety should never be a question or a concern. Bring your car in to Plaza Automotive and we’ll make sure you never have to worry.

ASE Certified

Our ASE Certified technicians will make your life easier with our comprehensive auto repair.

We Always Do Our Best to Make Our Customers Happy!

From bumper to bumper or ear to ear, everyone that walks into Plaza Automotive should end up leaving with a smile on their face. That’s how we see it! That’s why we offer such an extensive variety of services and customer care options. You can always trust your friends at Plaza to get you back on the road without a hitch. After all, you deserve to feel safe and secure in your own car. We hope to make your auto repair experience as easy, convenient, and painless as possible.

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FRN and Holiday Savings

Save more with your Fuel Rewards card. The good news is… there are more ways to save during the holidays with your FRN card! If you’re still out there shopping, it’s not too late to save. We’ve mentioned the FRN program before, so we know you... read more

Just In Time For The Holidays

Low gas prices, just in time for the holidays! Wow, can you believe the gas prices. Prices haven’t been this low since 2009!  They say that more people will be hitting the roads this holiday season.  Will you and your family be joining the holiday travelers?... read more

Is your Prius 10?? How’s the battery?

High Voltage Batteries only last so long Most hybrid batteries will take you where you want to go for 100,000 miles or more. With proper care they may last longer and you can put off having to replace them. By being proactive, you can prevent having battery problems.... read more

Thanks to all our friends who have enjoyed our services!

Mitch & crew are tops in my book. Not only did they get my Mercedes back in shape after a hard year of driving (75K mi) they set up a complete schedule of future work to be done. They also completed this first round of work 15% below original estimate and gave me a free loaner!!

Stephen B.

I always get such good service, and the employees are very friendly and helpful. My car is ten years old, but the service I get at Mitch’s makes my car run like new. Couldn’t ask for a better place to have my car serviced. You’re the best!

Sue S.

Plaza defines service: the loaner cars, the online reminders about appointments, the efficiency of everyone there. The work was done quickly and finished ahead of time. And my car was washed to boot.

Woody G.