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Save, Save, Save

We’re all looking for ways to save these days. Many drivers are looking for ways to save a few bucks! Maybe it’s as simple as shopping around comparing insurance plans. Or comparing gas prices, so you can pay less at the pump. Or maybe you’ve been putting off that purchase of a shiny new vehicle, […]

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Full Size Truck Tires

Keeping Your Tires Safe…

will help keep you safe. Tires are one of the most important parts of our cars, and often overlooked. Maybe because they are under the car? Stay safe, avoid accidents, and prevent breakdowns by following these simple San Pedro tire safety tips: 1. Pressure: Leading cause of tire failure…under inflation. Check your tire pressure once […]

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Wheel Alignment service in Rancho Palos Verdes

Just the Facts

Just in case you didn’t know. Here are some Plaza facts… Plaza Automotive Center is locally owned and managed in San Pedro, California. We are a certified master hybrid center and offer comprehensive auto repair and service.     WE ARE CERTIFIED… THINGS WE DO… WE OFFER CUSTOMER CARE… At Plaza Automotive, we do all this because […]

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Global Rallycross Was Right Here!

Did know the Red Bull Global Rallycross was in San Pedro at the Port? That’s right, it was right here in the Port of Los Angeles at the San Pedro waterfront! There was a media day debut back in April and they returned the weekend of September 19 – 21 for the 7th scheduled event […]

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Lexus Self Driving Car

Self-Driving Cars Coming to a Road Near You

That’s right, be on the lookout for self-driving cars. Autonomous cars, otherwise know as self-driving cars will be on the roads starting this month. Google and a few automakers, Audi and Mercedes Benz will be releasing self-driving cars on California roads. 29 permits were distributed last week by the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) […]

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Fall Driving

Fall Challenges

Fall is almost here! And along with Fall comes football, trick or treaters and shorter daylight hours. I know, all summer long you’ve enjoyed those extra hours of sunlight after getting home from work. Well you can’t have football and your sunshine too! Fall also brings driving challenges… Even though Fall driving can be a […]

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Traffic Light

Lights Not to be Ignored

Some lights shouldn’t be ignored when driving. There are a few lights that shouldn’t be ignored when driving, traffic lights, flashing lights from emergency vehicles and a check engine light. Check Engine! Don’t panic! A check engine light is a early warning system to alert you that there’s a problem. It’s telling you to make […]

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