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Plaza Automotive Center San Pedro near Rancho Palos Verdes

“Hi, nice to meet you. Here, it’s just as important to know you as it is your car. Car troubles are stressful and it would be a pleasure to ease you of one less headache. You and your car are assured personalized automotive services including everything from batteries to brakes – easing your mind and your wallet. You won’t be left stranded – there’s a free loaner car waiting for you.  Just ask for the Bentley when you make your appointment.”

Plaza Automotive Center is locally owned and managed in San Pedro, California. Plaza Automotive Center ‘s certified master hybrid center and comprehensive auto repair and service includes tune-up and engine services, tire service, air conditioning service, brake service, diagnostic service, cooling system, charging system, and wheel alignment.

Mitch has owned and operated Plaza Automotive Center since 2001.  Owner Mitch Harmatz and Plaza Automotive Center have been honored for their San Pedro auto repair expertise, customer service, and community involvement by many organizations, and continue to donate time and money to numerous local associations including:

Mitch Harmatz
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The Dream Team

The root of a great business begins with a great team.  Please click here to meet our Certified Master Hybrid Technician, and ASE Certified Technicians.