by Daryl Ashley

Plaza Automotive Is San Pedro’s 2012 Business Of The Year

Mitch Harmatz, Owner of Plaza Automotive

If you ever thought that hard work doesn’t pay off, then you haven’t met Mitch Harmatz, owner of Plaza Automotive in San Pedro.

After spending some time interviewing Mitch, I walked away amazed at his commitment, accomplishments and goals for his company’s future.  And, I’m not the only one to recognize the value of his businesses contribution to the growth of the community.  It was only this week that the San Pedro Chamber of Commerce honored Plaza Automotive by bestowing their 2012 Business of the Year award.  A formal presentation is scheduled for the 15th of June.

Mitch said that Plaza Automotive has to grow and look forward to the future.  His business is actively involved in the community, if for no other reason than that they are situated on the Northwest entrance to San Pedro.  Here they serve as representative of  San Pedro’s community creating public awareness, being an active participant and giving back what they feel has made them successful.


Business of the Year 2012 - Plaza Automotive, Mitch HarmatzHow it began?

In March of 2001, 12 years ago this year, Mitch was presented with an offer to purchase the shop, he now owns, on the corner of Western and Park Western.  Mitch’s experience, in the service industry was instrumental to establishing Plaza Automotive.  But, its success is attributed to the company’s business acumen, its plans for growth, the quality of his staff and the relationships with the clients that he serves.

What’s it like to work there?

The staff at Plaza Automotive is of one mind; talented, willing to work and willing to expect change.  This team of 8 full-time employees have a 24-7 mentality for getting the job done with perfection being the key goal. Through an incentivized employee program and disciplined systems, this specialized business is efficiently run, respects its staff and doesn’t take shortcuts.

What’s it like to be a customer?

Plaza Automotive’s goal is to build strong and lasting relationships with their customers.  Knowing what their customers want means listening to their concerns, addressing their questions and learning from their experiences.  It isn’t always easy, but you wouldn’t know it by the expert service Plaza Automotive gives its customers.

Why is Plaza Automotive Worth Honoring?

Mitch says, “What makes our business prosperous makes the community prosperous”.  Understand that change is necessary and that you have to ask what you can do better because you have to grow your business.  Plaza Automotive offers employee incentives, programs that effectively measure progress and profit and the strong desire to provide quality customer service.

Mitch said it is an honor to have Plaza Automotive recognized as the 2012 Business of the Year and that it is a reflection of the hard work his team puts in everyday.


Plaza Automotive is always on the side of change and to prove it, they are introducing a permanent car wash, wax and detailing service.  Kicking off this new service, the public is invited to a customer appreciation day celebrating independence, the USS Iowa’s arrival into San Pedro and all of San Pedro itself. On July 1st, come down for a free car wash, music and food.  The car wash opens at 8 am with plenty of family activities all throughout the day.

Congratulations Plaza Automotive!