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Customer Care Reminder Program

Preventative service is your car’s best chance for a long and healthy life. We believe that it is absolutely crucial to remind you when your vehicle needs attention. We send out postcard mailers and here are some examples:

Oil Change Reminders

Plaza Automotive Center will send you an oil change reminder mailer, based on your specific driving habits AND the type of oil you use.

We believe that you should change your oil every 3,000 miles if you use regular oil and every 5,000 miles if you use full synthetic.
Many manufacturers are extending the recommended oil change interval, but we know this is not the best way to maintain your vehicle.

Scheduled Maintenance Reminders

Just like you; every vehicle has a maintenance schedule that should to be followed to ensure a healthy vehicle. We will send you a reminder for all of the major service intervals your car needs.

Technician Recommended Service Reminders

We understand, you may not want to do everything that we recommend right away. We will send you a note a month later just to remind you of our car service discussion and you can choose the time to have them done.

Email Reminder and Follow up Promise

The Plaza Automotive Center Email Reminder and Follow up Promise is extremely comprehensive. We will call you within two weeks of service to make sure that everything is okay with the work performed. If you have a problem or are in any way not satisfied, we will work with you to find a remedy.

After your service is completed, we will contact you via email with a short questionnaire designed to measure your satisfaction with Plaza Automotive Center and your car service.

We don’t want you to miss an appointment – we can give you a 30 day reminder, a one week reminder or if you prefer, an additional reminder.

You can always schedule an appointment by calling 310-831-2888 or contact us online: