3-year/36,000-Mile Warranty

We stand behind our work – far beyond car dealerships or any other local services center. Our repair warranty guarantees no cost replacements for any repair work – whether it was improperly completed or if we find a defective part. It is our intent to make our automotive warranty services hassle free! You take care of your car, while we take care of you.

Our 3-year/36,000-Mile Local Warranty on all of our repairs

  • The Plaza Automotive 3-year/36,000-Mile Local Warranty covers parts and labor.
  • Used or salvaged parts, customer parts, rebuilt parts have no warranty unless agreed upon by both the client and us.
  • We will discuss with you your part option choices, in the event of an option to use a less expensive part, because we cannot warranty these part options under the 3-year/36,000-Mile Warranty Program.
  • Service items like fluids, filters and brake pads are not covered for the same time period.
  • Improper servicing of filters and fluids will annul the 3-year/36,000-Mile Warranty.
  • Brake pads are not warranted for wear and tear.
  • We stand behind the quality of our work and products and will replace brake pads at no charge when they are defective or we provided less than excellent service.
  • All warranty work must be performed at Plaza Automotive Center on Western unless specific permission is given otherwise.
  • Warranty repairs performed may not exceed the original cost of repairs.

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