Best Cars for Teenagers – Part 1

You’ve decided on a new car for your teen,
but what should you get?


What are the best cars for teenagers?

Toyota Corolla - Fuel Efficiency: 27 mpg city, 35 mpg highway

Toyota Corolla - Fuel Efficiency: 27 mpg city, 35 mpg highway

It’s that dreaded time of the year again. You know the one. The teen car buying season is among us once again and parents are struggling to find a car that will make them happy, as well as the teenager at home. Car buying shouldn’t be a dread though. It should be fun! So we’ve decided to start our teens and cars series out with a BANG and tell you which are the best cars for teenagers and which are the safest cars for teens so you can let someone else run errands, get to practice or go to the beach all on their own.

When considering which are the best cars for teenagers we looked at three major features parents and teens want from a car.

  • Safety.—According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), in 2010, teens between the ages of 16-19 years old had a fatal crash rate per mile that was 3 times higher than those 20 years of age and older. When buying a car for teenagers, you have to think about accidents and which cars are going to be safest cars for teens.
  • Style.—What’s the first thing that pops into teenagers’ heads when they hear the word “car”? What else, but style! Design, color, model, and make.
  • Fuel Efficiency.—If you’re going to have your teenager cruising around doing errands and meeting friends, you have to make sure they’re doing it in a car that will save you on gas.

Other Important features

Here a other few things to consider when choosing a car for your teen :

  • Avoid new features. Give a company at least one year to fix glitches.
  • The more the features and functions that a car has, the more likely your teenager is to be distracted. We  want your teenager focusing on the road and not on the touch screen. Also, by avoiding the extra options, there will be less to repair.
  • Read the reviews. If consumers aren’t happy, there’s a big reason for it.  Consumer Reports rates every car.
  • Always test drive the vehicle. If you can’t “handle” it, don’t expect your new teenage driver to be able to.
  • Does the car have too much power?  We know teen drivers are prone to speeding. So, you want to consider how mature your teen really is before handing him/her the keys to a really fast car.

See Part II for our list of best cars for teenagers.

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